I'm on the prowl for something tube and small. I imagine it being used for practice only, so I don't need anything too loud.

I've tried out the Vox AC4TV, and the Marshall Class5 at my local shop. I really liked the C5, but am thinking it's gonna get pretty loud, and it's more expensive. I'm looking to spend around 500 if I have to.

I play a lot of Rush, and stuff like the Strokes.
the small tube amp market is dominated by 5watt amps now, the class 5 has to get prtty loud to get distorted, you might want to look at a blackstar ht-5, it has 2 channels, and the overdrive channel has loads more gain, so much so you can play metal with out a boost, but it excells at heavy rock, compared to the class 5 what you get in my opinion is much better value for money
I vote HT-5.
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yeah definitely the HT-5
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im not a huge ht-5 fan. it has lots of features and is probably one of, if not the most versitile of the cheaper 5 watters out there. i just feel like it doesnt have the same level of tone as some of the other 5W amps. i really like my blackheart, and if you liked the marshall its worth a try. very marshally sound, but with no master volume youve gotta get loud to get gain. the vox is a solid choice, i just dont like the ones with the really small speaker.

looks like the jet city pico valve is out. havent had the chance to try it, but i love my jca20 so im hoping its good.

thats most of what i like in the 5 watter range. i know Dave has one of the vht amps and i think he likes it, but i dont remember much more than it was american voiced.
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i think the ht 5 probly isnt what tone hes going for, unless TS primarily plays rush, but you dont need a whole lot of distortion for the strokes, not too much for rush either really, i love the class 5s btw. i think u should look into them more
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you could always get a pedal to push the amp further
i've bought the blackstar ht20 about two months ago, and I think it might do the trick,
even tho all tube and more then then 5 watt, it sounds great on lower (bedroom) volumes (even better when turned up tho),

the main thing I like is that its so darn versitale,

my setup is this: tubescreamer -> blackstar -fxloop->chorus/reverb/echo-fxloop->amp
and honestly... I think this setup will last me a LONG time,
I can go from brutal death metal(aborted) to doom metal (daylight dies/saturnus) to punkrock(bad religion, the offspring) to glamrock within seconds, by engages either my ts/effects or adjusting that ISF-thingy :p, and it actually sounds great on all of them, it requires a bit of tweaking the eq but you can get allmost anything out of this amp.

I would recommend getting the 20 watter instead of ht5 if you decide to go blackstar, the headroom helps a lot for the cleans on lower levels and if you ever get in a band, you can actually keep up with a drummer (tested this with my mate and the drumset thats rotting away in my attic)

whatever you do, test the amp before you buy it, because they are all slightly different, and what might seem like a good amp on paper, might have certain characteristics you don't like.

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out of interest what was wrong with the Vox? I have to say I love the sound, it's easy to break up on the lower wattage settings but stays nice and clean on the 5w (unless you're really cranking it).

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