Hey everyone, this is kinda an odd question, but how do guitarists rock out so hard on stage? its weird saying it like that, but what I mean is how do they jump around and headbang and stuff like that without damaging their guitar by hitting it on walls etc. hahaha.
I play in a punk rock/pop punk band and we have our first gig coming up in a few weeks and we wanna make a good first impression. I don't know how to jump around without my guitar bouncing off my leg or something then wrecking my chord.
Just something I've been wondering. Wanted to know if anyone had any techniques for learning how to be crazy on stage.
walk around, dont be stiff. Have fun
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Just practice stage presence during band practice. Yeah it's a little weird jumping around and headbanging in a small room with just you and your band and no crowd in front of you, but it makes all the difference when you go up on stage.
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The whole rockin out and jumping around thing only works if you're feelin it and it come's naturally. If you're on eof them people that prefers not to be a loony on stage then don't try to be something you're not, coz it'll be a disaster xD But ass said before, you need to practise these things first, and have accidents in rehearsal rooms rather than on stage
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It's important to, as someone said, practice your presence during practice. You perform how you practice, so try out the stuff you wanna do on stage there. It will all come in time You'll eventually figure out your "thing" I guess you'd call it, as you play more gigs. Patience and good luck!
Like the others said, practice. Make sure you can still play with precision while having stage presence. I moved around a lot on stage, and I made several mistakes. The audience didn't notice them, but I shouldn't use that as an excuse to not worry about it.

If you're playing metal or hard rock, try head banging.

You can't always go crazy on stage, though. If you're playing a really hard rockin' song like Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC, go nuts. If you're playing something soft like Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, don't move around too much.
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Thanks for all the tips! That straplock is a great idea! its something I'm always scared will happen xD. Thanks for the advise though, and I'll be sure to not do any headbanging while we're playing a slow song hahaha.
There are some subtle tricks to it. Make sure your strap is adjusted at a comfortable height - most first-timers just keep the guitar as low as possible, which might look cool but ends up with you trying to keep the guitar a height where you can play comfortably. You can end up with severe wrist pain from this.
Aside from that, know the songs backwards and forwards - you cannot run around if you're also thinking about the next note or chord. It should be muscle memory by the time you're on stage.
Beyond that, it's really just experience. After a few shows, you should know what you're capable of, and what's most comfortable to you. Get the songs tight first, and then everything else will follow.
just be loose move your head make faces kinda sway back and forth but dont just kinda stand playin what your supposed to. be natural and loose smile make it look like your having a great time having fun and just rock out smile i doesnt matter you in a punk band its rock let it out
Edit: dont worry about how you look too much just be comfortable and have fun and then everyone else will and wont notice. people will notice though if your not comfortable and not having fun
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If you don't have straplocks and are worried tape your strap to your guitar.
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If its your first gig, you probably shouldn't be jumping around you know... start small. I know you want to give a good impression, but if you're jumping around and do something wrong, you'll be giving yourself a facepalm afterwards