Hi, although I would love to build my own guitar from scratch, I just don't have the money for all the tools, so I decided I was going to order a body and neck from Warmoth when I got the money.

I was planning on going with the Iceman style body (swamp ash) and a Jackson style neck (maybe mohogany), but I was looking for some advice as far as whether or not this guitar will balance well with a strap. I can't stand fighting the guitar when I'm trying to play at a gig or at rehearsals.

I have huge, basketball-player type hands, so as a result I like a thicker neck, which will add to the weight of that. Also, because the Iceman body doesn't have a top horn, I'm worried about balancing issues with that, although I was going to install the strap pin as close to the neck as possible.

Does my wood selection (swamp ash body and thick, mohogany neck) sound like a disaster? This will be the first guitar I've ever designed myself, so any advice from someone experienced would be invaluable.

Thanks! I briefly looked over it earlier, but now that I know it's there, I'll take a more in depth look when I get the time. Still, anyone who has experience with the woods in question (also going with them because of price) who could give me some advice would be a great help.