Title basically says it all. Will it be as jangle-y, shimmery as a real p90 or basically sound like a humbucker's interpretation of one?
It should sound fairly close, due to the fact that it's the same basic construction (slug polepieces, single coil, bar magnet below coils) but it will sound somewhat different due to the metal baseplate and housing and the slightly different geometry.
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close enough for 99.9% of the audience.

not close enough for cork sniffing tone nazis...

its really up to your ears.
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Close, but not identical. Some will come closer than others.
Keep in mind though, not all P90s sound the same anyways.
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More or less the same, yes. Again it comes down to.. not all P90's sound the same, the P90 in my guitar sounds woody and neutral, neither of those are words you used to describe your idea of a P90.

Nonetheless, from certain brands, humbucker sized P90s sound spectacular, I'm tempted to push you towards Kent Armstrong and I've heard a few guitarists with KA humbucker sized P90s and they sound amazing.