So my band asked Surf Taco (restaurant) if we could play there. They said sure, just give us a time/date and price.

We're four 17 year olds in a local band and would probably play an hour or so set. How much should we ask them to pay us?
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idk, do they have people play there regularly? or are you gonna be the first band?
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In tacos.
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In free tacos all night. That is much more valuable than any paper currency.
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$150 seems fair for an hour. Some mariachi groups charge $300 and also collect tips, so they can make $600 per night. If possible try to gather tips.
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You probably suck, so it's only logical that YOU pay THEM.
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But seriously, probably not much. Playing gigs at that age is all about exposure. They probably couldn't care less if you played there or not.
Ask for a free taco dinner.
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you'll be lucky if you get $20 as a band, and free tacos.
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Let them pay you. It's arrogant to tell the venue how much to pay when the venue is something like Surf Taco. Just wait for them to contact you. If they don't, then ask them, but don't say numbers.

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$100 at the most and possibly free drinks and/or food for the time that you are there.
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Probably 30-50 dollars. I started playing shows at 17 with a friend and that is what establishments usually paid us.

Unless you're posing as an authentic mariachi band, who are expensive as **** to hire. I suggest you all dress up as Mexicans and learn 5 hours of stereotypical mariachi music and see what you can do.
Don't expect much, you guys would be lucky if you get 20 bucks a piece. I'd definitely ask for food though, that seems like a good deal.
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TACOS EVERYWHERE! No, but seriously just get paid in free tacos. Your life will be improved.
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gas money and tacos, burritos, and nachos
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Free Tacos then try and make tips.
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You probably suck, so it's only logical that YOU pay THEM.

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Let them pay you. It's arrogant to tell the venue how much to pay when the venue is something like Surf Taco. Just wait for them to contact you. If they don't, then ask them, but don't say numbers.

It's not a venue. It's A MOTHER****ING TACO JOINT. They asked to play. You think a Taco place is gonna call up a band and say "Hey, I'd really love for you guys to play. I'll give you $500 bucks." as TS is sitting there arrogantly smoking a pipe and wearing a nice velvety robe in front of a roaring fire.
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$10 - $20 each + a meal
that all depends on your fan base... I know a few local bands that would fill the restaurant all night if they were to play...
its all about you bringing exposure to the restaurant.
Yeah, seriously ask for $30 total and a free meal for all of you guys. That's MORE than good enough. Hell, I'd love that.
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if you know you can deliver a good performance, $150 is perfectly reasonable. Especially if you can get invited back (for possibly higher pay).
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