Hey again everybody! Here's my next song, much more serious and normal than my last puke-related song.

You can find it here!!!


It's called "Wherever We Are", as the thread title implies.

And of course, it's C4C so offer me up any criticisms, comments and compliments (if im lucky) and leave a link to your song, and i'll crit it up real nice as soon as i can!


Crit as i listen

Real nice intro, i like the acoustic sound. the vocals are the right level and fit nicely, perhaps a slight bit of reverb and delay to set them into the mix? The piano is also a really cool touch in the chorus, gives the song a nice vibe. I think you should experiement with percussion in the chorus, and i don't mean a kit. Try putting a soft click (like that of a metronome) at the first beat of every bar (like the beatles - blackbird)

This is a very solid song, i thoroughly enjoyed listening. Make more and be sure to post them!

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Solid song man. would have liked to hear the piano a little more. i loved the part and i think you should make it a little more prominent in the song. and maybe a touch less of the vocals (they sounded good... just a hair too loud in my opinion and should probably be centered in the mix). i would also suggest in the mix adding a bit more low end to the guitars as the song is awfully bright and not balanced all that well in that sense.

other than a few little mix things, it's a great song. i do like the idea of maybe a little percussion or maybe some bass or the piano playing a bit of lower stuff, but it's solid how it is though.

well done man. keep up the good work.

EDIT: if you want to take a look at some of mine...
Pretty solid stuff, though this type of music is not my favorite so it's hard to give you a real critique. Nice job from a fellow Minnesotan!