If you have followed any of my posts, you know I am obsessed with using alternate and open tunings. Sometimes my tunings are just plain wacky. I found you can do a lot with D-A-D-D-D-D.

Anyway, I broke my high E string today and the shop I get my strings from is closed on Monday. In desperation, I put on a B string for the high E string. Could this cause any problems? It's very tight and I haven't tried to stretch it up to E yet. I'm currently in C-G-D-G-D-D tuning and was wanting to go back to standard for a little while. I bet the B string will snap when I try to take it to E.

Have you ever been in a pinch and had to use a wrong string before? The B string is the only spare one I had that could pass for a high E. I will of course go get an E string for a dollar tomorrow, but was wondering if using a B string as an E string (and any wrong string for any other) could cause any damage?
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Ive used an A string for my D. Never had an issue. Although I cant imagine it doing any good.
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