Ok, basically, I've wanted for a while now to be better at writing riffs in different time signatures, but I've had so much trouble even writing in 3/4 that I'm not sure I'll ever write something amazing in 7/8.
But I had an idea: what if I ask some good ol' fellows at UG about some guitar pro tabs that display these time changes and studied them?
So, I am now asking if anyone has any recommendations of a few good songs to watch play through several times and analyze how the riffs begin, flow, end, and transition in different time signatures (NOT 4/4).
Perferably, some of these songs will be more metal based, or punk, or at least something a little edgy with some distortion, as that would make more sense to my mind, but new age jazz and chicken pickin country is welcome as well

Good song to study for 5/4 and a few more obscure timings. Meshuggah is a great band to look at for different timing signatures. Although many of there songs are 4/4 as a foundation, the guitar riffs (and the kick drum that accompanies) are written in crazy things like 23/16 (New Millenium Cyanide Christ).

Look up Nebulous or Rational Gaze for other examples.
bloodbath - iesous

i'm not normally a fan of randomly throwing off a perfectly good 4/4 or 3/4 for the sake of being fancy, but the first time i heard this song, i thought the verse riff in 7/8 fit the unsettling atmosphere of the song. i don't think this requires too much analyzing, as i doubt there's a highly developed theory behind any of this.

instead, you should listen to more meshuggah! it'll help with your sense of timing. and learn to be able to tap your foot or otherwise keep count while you're writing riffs.
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It's just that everything I write, as in, every idea that randomly pops into my head during the day ends up being in four four when I put my fingers to the strings. It's like some bizarre inborn timing thing that I can't shake off...
dude for fancy time signatures the only things you'll get are metal and fusion jazz..... country and punk never, that being said, I don't know about guitar pro as I've never used it, but the theme from the exorcist is in 15/16, over the hills and far away (Led Zeppelin) is 7/8 (with possible changes), the theme from mission impossible is in 5/4, check out some tool, and the dilinger escape plan, and you'll get ridiculous time signatures, and in RPG video games alot of battle themes are in 7/16, I hope that helps
Ok, TOOL. let's start there. I've been digging the 10,000 Days album recently by them. What is a song off of that album that would best display shifts from one groovy riff to another cool riff and allow me to really try to understand how at least THEY work the timings, and maybe consider how I might do it myself?