anyone know some hard songs - i play guitar 1 year ago - .. n i keep playing everyday !. so that chord songs so easy to me n some solo songs are easy too ! . so anyone know something not SOO Damn hard .. just hard enough to improve myself!?
I have been playing for about a year, a year and a halv maybe, too.

Try out john mayer "heart of life", I thought that was pretty hard, but not impossible. Nice picking technique and sound really great too
Oh stakkelslasse ! im gona check it ! -- about john mayer i think he's guitarist more than singer ! - thats why im not a big FAN!

SEEMS like im gona play all the john mayer songs ! hahah ! -

so did anyone know SONGs dont belong to john mayer
i love soloing on classical n electric - and im so into the old music - such as franck S and the old PPL ! -- n my otherside ADORr ppl like SlASh ! damn im fkn crazy !