Okay, so my band and I are going to go legit(at least somewhat) with our recordings, as of right now, our stuff sounds like this ( http://www.myspace.com/wefalltogether (NO I'M NOT ADVERTISING MY BAND HERE)

If you went to listen, you can say the quality isn't anything special.

Right now we have a Phonic Powerpod 620, and I was wondering if I could use that as my mixer with the "record out" inputs.

As you can see in that picture there's the "record out" inputs, and I have a cable plugs into those and then goes into my laptop microphone slot, but I was wondering if there's a USB version of that cable? Cause I know the USB hub will give better quality than the Microphone port on my laptop.

And I know I'm gonna need mics and all, but I've got all that covered, we're planning on recording drums, so I wanna have a nice mixer, with lots of channels for mics for the drums,(at elast 4 channels to plug mics into)

So would our Phonic Powerpod 620 work? Or should I invest in a different Mixer that I can hook straight up to my computer?

I just need help choosing a mixer, and I'm not looking to spend over $500 on one
The record out will work if you buy an interface to run the outputs to however you should never take a record mix from the live board as it will be all bass and vocals since those are most quiet live on set.

Ideally you'll want to buy a firewire mixer such as the Mackie Onyx series that has a firewire output that will send the mix to your power amps and speakers but also to the tracks on your computer. It won't mix down which is great because after you play live you can go back later and tweak the levels for a CD mix or something.

The Mackie Onyx 1620i - $1,000

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try the zomm r16 usb interface. 8 seperate inputs that can be recorded at once, you can also use it as a standalone recorder by adding an sd-card. i think it is by far the best interface in this price range if you need to record drums price should be arround 500 or even less