Hey guys i got an Ibanez RG2550E with an edge pro double locking tremolo (floyd rose style). A while ago i got my guitar setup at the store by some incompetent guitar tech. Im not gonna mention the name but it rhymes with Ram Mash. anyway, the action on my guitar was way too high when they were done.
since i like to play a lot of shred and prog stuff like Dream Theater, this poses a problem. i figured i'd just adjust it myself. I know you have to turn the screws on each side of the bridge, but the problem is: they are locked. I read on various places online and in the owners manual that you have to unscrew some locking bolt to unlock the screws on the bridge. Well i opened up the back and looked allover the guitar inside and out, and cannot find that locking bolt for the life of me. So anyone have any ideas? Thanks

PS: dont tell me to go to a guitar shop and have them do it, i cant afford it. Also, i dont trust them to do a good job anyway.
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