ok so i wanna solo over chords using arpeggios but when i try to do tht i get stuck and find it really hard to remember all the shapes or patterns. it takes a bit of time figuring out but in the meanwhile i get demotivated,cuz its awkward to stop and play while a backin track is on durin improvisation.

ive learnt the arppegios in box patterns and chord shapes and i connect them one to another. i just wanted to know whts the most suitable way to remember these things.? how some of you guys do tht?

I'm interested in this as well. I've been trying to incorporate arpeggios into some of my soloing and I haven't been having much luck lol
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i know them all,and when people ask "how many scales do you know?" i just reply with "all".....when i was learning,its like this,learn the open chord,then the open scales,then the arpeggio to it,etc....afterwards you find how to add extra notes and practice progressions.whatever,its all alot to take it in,but you start with one (i prefer two) keys at a time.good luck! and dont get stuck trying to use arpeggios your whole improv.they should be used more like a "trick" (whammy bar-ish) but not the majority of the solo.
What I do is just memorize the shape, or if I don't feel like that, just use the chord shape and play from that. You can also play other notes if you know where to add a note into the arpeggio. Actually using the arpeggios and such will be the best way to really get it ingrained into your memory.

Edit: What I do sometimes (and the most beneficial way, in my opinion) is to find the notes in the chord on the guitar and work it out myself. That's good for learning the guitar neck and where the chord tones of each arpeggio lie which is extremely helpful to know.
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All you need to do is learn chord construction, then you know immediately how to play any chord/arpeggio out there.

I suggest checking out this article as well as part 3 of that series.

Shapes can be very limiting if they're all you rely on, I suggest you learn the fundamentals in order to use shapes to their full ability.
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Break things down simply. Get a riff that's basically an Em -> A chord progression, and then work on connecting just those two chords. When you can do that confidently, start trying to move that around the neck and over longer and more difficult chord progressions.
thanks for all of your comments.
reading all of your replies seems like im on the right approach of learning arps. maybe i just need to slow down and visualize the fretboard more clearly.
@food1010: ive gone through those articles but ill have a look one more time , thnx for the reference
@freepower: im already havin tht exercise. but i get frustrated cuz its not melodic enough
i need to slow down !