I can't seem to make good guitar lines! I can make some pretty good (IMO) bass lines but I can't seem to do jack with the guitar. I feel like my music is too weird and I need some tips on how to make it feel great. Cause I feel like it's great but then I listen to it and I feel like no one else would like it. Music is my way of expressing myself and I like to have people hear what I have to say, so it sucks when it doesn't go in well you know? Anyway, can anyone help me?
Fair enough.
you sound a bit like me. guitar very rarely sounds good by itself. bass is the foundation of music so its easy to se when its solid or ot. guitar on the other hand is a detail instrument, without anything to put it on it just sorta falls on the floor. especially if the guitar lines are "wierd"

my advice: record some of those bass tracks, put some chords over them, then see how your guitar lines ound mixed in with everything.
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Have you consulted other people about your music or are you just guessing they wouldn't like it? Sounds like you're a tad insecure there.

If you express yourself through your music then wouldn't sacrificing that sound for something more "accessible" to other people undermine what you write?
you'd be surprised what a generic drum machine line underneath a riff would do for the song idea.

however, if you don't have much experience coming up with original song-oriented riffs, you might not be all wrong in thinking that your riffs seem a little weird, as it happens to everyone when they start. i went through loads of crappy potential song ideas before i even started to begin piecing together more than a few riffs.
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