50s Precisions and Jazz basses both have a single coil pickup at the middle/neck position but the 50s precision's has a different shape to the normal single coil.

Is there any noticeable difference in sound between the two?
Do you mean the difference between a single coil and a split coil? I'm confused

Edit> never mind, I get you now. Whenever I've listened to either one being played, I've not noticed a difference, but I've never sat down with either and A/B'ed them.
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the p bass one should be a little beefier, because it has 4 magnets directly under it, unlike the jazz which have them no the side of the string
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I just got a reply from the Bass Whisperer himself!

@jonsparrow15 - I don't remember about the Squiers.... it's been a few years since I played them, but on my 51 RI and Jazz basses - the 51 sounds a little brighter, and a little louder than the front J pickup.

Thanks for the replies, everyone.