Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a new amp soon, and I'm really liking the JSX. It's versatility really appeals to me, and I really like the tone I've heard from it this far. I know it can do Blues and Fusion fine; but the thing I'm not sure of is Metal. The heaviest I go with Metal is to a Progressive/Power Metal level of distortion. I'm not looking for Death Metal br00talz here. The question is: Can the JSX get to these levels of distortion without an external boost? For examples of the tone I mean think: Sonata Arctica, Galneryus and Symphony X
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That thing can blow your mind with the amount of gain it has on tap. I got to try the head of these (The one time a music store around here EVER had anything relatively worth using) and I was blown away by it.
i own/owned one (it's having some issues, and i am contemplating getting rid of it).

the crunch channel would probs need a boost in my opinion to get metal out of it, just to me personally it is lacking gain, but others might disagree.

the ultra channel can do metal easy, i used it to moonlight in a deathcore band for a time (favour for a friend) and it did it easy.

the JSX is probably one of the most versatile amps on the market.
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