Hi folks I'm getting a new Jackson. Have an Ibanez Jem7 and Ibanez Rg series fitted with EMG's. Money no real object but don't wanna go paying over the odds for a signature one if there not much better if you get me. Main criteria is sound which has the best set of pickups/ best sound? Are all the necks/ actions i.e. playability pretty much the same? Far my research I'm pointed to the KV2? Also JACKSON KV3 JENNA JAMESON KING V and Jackson Jenna Jameson II RX10D Rhoads Electric Guitar are these any good? Was thinking of getting one also just for a laugh! How do these compare to the KV2? I play heavy metal - love Mustaine.I know he's got a signature series but are these overpriced? Can someone that knows their Jacksons let me know how each of their guitars rank please? You guys are great- thanks
If money is no object for you then you should be looking at any of the USA Select Series. So the KV2 or the KV2T if its definately a King V you want.
cheers for that mate - I'm not necessarily looking for a King V. How do the RR models rank? are they overpriced? as said want best soung with fast playability
I have the RR5, awesome sounding guitar and really well made but in general i think the King V is probably better for 'fast playability'. it has a slimmer neck and 24 frets compared to the RR's 22

Edit: the pricing for the import models is fair but the USA made ones are overpriced for me here in the UK, depends where youre located. Still meant to be amazing guitars though ive never played a USA model so i cant tell you first hand.
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Go for the USA Jacksons, anyone that you like should be fine depending fret numbers and pickups. Most Jacksons come with 22 frets which I hate.
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As far as i can tell the majority come with 24. Besides the RRs and the san dimas.

Jacksons have really nice necks, wide for better accuracy, flat fingerboard but slim necks.

If money is no object id go for a soloist/Dinky/Kelly. Better fret access than the king V/RR.

I wouldnt bother with the fancy graphics, you're just paying extra money for a pretty picture on your guitar.
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Most Jacksons come with 22 frets which I hate.

Thats not true ... jacksons take a very good care of 24 fret shredders ..
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Thats not true ... jacksons take a very good care of 24 fret shredders ..
Well TS, if money's no object then you definitely want to look at getting a USA select series guitar. Some people think that they're overpriced, others will say that they're worth every penny. I haven't played one, so i can't comment there, but considering how much I love my Pro-series DK2M, i'd love to try a USA.

The quality on all of the USA Jacksons is equal across the board, and the spec sheets by and large are very similar.

Mostly they'll have the "standard" neck profile with jumbo frets. The KV2 differs a bit here, having the "speed" neck profile and medium frets. As far as I know, this comes from the days of the Dave Mustaine signature KVs, as medium frets were his preference.

In terms of pickups, they all come loaded with Seymour Duncans, (apart from the DK1 with EMGs). Usually it's JB/'59. I think the KV2 is dual JBs, and the WR1 is Invader/Full Shred.

So there are minor differences across the USA Select Series aside from body shape, but generally they're all very similar guitars in terms of quality (fantastic) and specs.