Hi guys just wanted some advice. I have a Bugera 6262 head which i run through a Marshall cab. Ive had it coming up to a year, but last week i noticed that one of the powertubes is leaning slightly to the left; hence being close to the tube next to it. First of all, is this a problem? im just worried about them touching. And secondly, is it ok to open the amp up and adjust the tube back to its original position by hand? should i get a technician to do this?
Im new to tube amps so any advice would be great.
Ah ok cool, thanks man; is it just the screws at the top of the amp that i need to loosen to open it up? or do i just do it from the back? cheers
Cool will give that a try - and sorry for another question on top of all this, but - if i ws to change the powertubes (its coming up to a year) what would you recommend? i play metal. Thanks again
Yep they are all 6L6's. Thanks for that will look into it :-) youve been a great help