So I've been waiting for awhile for a new guitar. I finally got an awesome job this summer, and I've been making a lot of money, so I at long last went to Guitar Center with the intent of... buying strings and a cable. This is how these things all start out, right? So I buy strings and a cable, and I'm thinking "Well, I have time to spare, might as well try some guitars and amplifiers out" and that's exactly what I did. This is the treasure I walked away with:

Obligatory foot shot

So yeah. It's a PRS SE Torero. It's amazing. Here are the specs:

Back Wood Mahogany
Top Wood Bound Maple Top with Flame Maple Veneer

Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 25 1/2"
Neck Wood Maple Through Body
Fretboard Wood Bound Ebony
Neck Shape Wide Thin
Inlays No Inlays

Bridge Floyd Rose Tremolo
Tuners PRS Designed Tuners
Hardware Type Nickel
Treble Pickup EMG 81
Bass Pickup EMG 85
Pickup Switching Volume and Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector

Now for the review:

It's an amazing guitar. When I first played it, I was amazed at how comfortable the neck was in my hand. I'm used to thinner necks (my previous guitar is an Ibanez Gio), but it doesn't feel awkward at all. It's incredibly well made. The finish on the back of the neck is gorgeous and slick, and it helps with the grip. Additionally, it's very easy to form chords on the neck. I don't mean that I couldn't play chords earlier, that would be dumb. I'm just saying that it feels more natural on this neck, it's waaaaay more seamless switching to say, some legato phrase to a G Chord than it was earlier. The upper fret access is AMAZING, also. My Gio only has 22 frets, and it was a really awkward bolt-on. With my Gio it was sort of like holding two corners of a brick whenever I tried to get to the higher frets, but on the Torero? It's nothing. Completely seamless transition between the first fret all the way up to the twenty fourth. It doesn't feel awkward, it doesn't feel hindered by anything, and the through body design is sooooo comfortable. I'm seriously gonna be writing new things entirely because of this neck. Also, a little note for anyone else out there who is using a 22/21 fret guitar and looking to upgrade to a 24: I was worried that it'd feel awkward using 24 frets on a similarly scaled guitar, and on this guitar it isn't even remotely awkward.

The fretboard is sex too. It's the icing on the cake really, it's so slick. I was at first a little apprehensive about having no inlays, but it's really not a big deal with the side markers. Plus, with how fast the neck is (it also helps that PRS/GC set this thing up WONDERFULLY) I can already see that I play better and cleaner licks on this than on my other guitar. The ebony color blends so well with the rest of the guitar too, the black/red color scheme is amazingly gorgeous- albeit those are my two favorite colors. Like, imagine Scarlett Johannson from Iron Man 2 and put her in guitar form.

The hardware is, like the rest of the guitar, is the sex. The pickups are EMG 81's and 85's, and they sound amazing. Even on cleans. It feels like the guitar has a natural reverb and vibe to it: these pickups just ring beautifully. I played the clean sequence from the opening of Welcome Home (Sanitarium) on it, and my ears creamed themselves. Then I switched to distortion, and my ears became an anatomical Niagara Falls in the amount that they creamed themselves. I was playing on a Mesa Mark IV (which I bought the same day, by the way), and oh my god this thing can ROAR. Harmonics sound like a supernova in a distant galaxy being amplified, palm mutes sound like a beast waiting to break through it's cage, legato sounds like a train coming through town at full speed on the path to destruction, tapping is like having Darth Vader say he's your father only for you to be like "No, you know what? I'm not gonna take that crap from you" because you cut him the hell off with your insane licks that are so beautiful that he slices his own hand off in penance, I can't sweep very well but I'm sure it'd sound like a choir of angels singing carmina burana while having sex with hot nuns, even slightly overdriven tones sound like you're going through the country with a ford pickup looking for zombies to shoot with your 12-gauge as the last surviving member of your town. If you can't appreciate these metaphors, then you can't appreciate guitars of this caliber.

I haven't installed the tremolo/whammy bar yet, so I don't have any experience with that, although this thing stays in tune really damn well so far. Haven't had ANY problems with it. The tuners are slick too, they go well with the rest of the guitar and look extremely well made.

That's all I can think of at the moment, sorry if that was wall-of-text-tastic , I love this guitar though.

Oh and to any of you who skipped to the bottom and are about to post "GET NU AMP FRST", I did. I bought a Mesa Mark IV the same day, and it is glorious. I'd post a NAD thread, but I don't have a cab yet so I'm gonna wait to get one.

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im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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daaaayyyuuuummmm thats nice

get ready for some EMG hate though

Happy New Guitar and Amp Day! Some very creative tonal descriptions there

How's the upper fret access, and is there any chance of a neck joint shot? Thanks in advance if you can respond. =]

Be sure to post another chunky thread for that Mesa once you get your mitts on a cab, and in the mean-time, enjoy the sweet guitar!

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Quote by Nico the Great
Like, imagine Scarlett Johannson from Iron Man 2 and put her in guitar form.

High praise indeed! Sexy axe though, I do rather fancy a Torero!
I really wish they made these without Floyds, then I'd be more inclined to buy one. Looks great though man, HNGD!
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TL;DR on the review. Im sure its nice though

Congrats on the additions.

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TL;DR on the review.

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That's one hell of a guitar! I always had a weakness for red guitars
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I was thinking of THIS very guitar since yesterday evening....and of buying it.....

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That's a helll of an axe you got there.. HNGD! I've actually been wondering about these for a little while now, and the review only confirms my speculations.
Everybody seems to be raving about these Torero's. I might have to get one as a backup.
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I really wish they made these without Floyds, then I'd be more inclined to buy one. Looks great though man, HNGD!

just find a used custom 24 SE and plug emgs in it. won't have the bound ebony fretboard but there you have it.

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OP has multiple violent orgasms

HNGD, that's a great SE. Finally they made a guitar at the SE level aimed directly at the br00tz crowd.

I tried one of these out at the Axe Palace in Walpole, MA and it was fantastic.

Also, I demand videos of you playing into your Mark IV
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As much as a I dont like emgs I love the wood on that guitar
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beautiful guitar, HNGD, but having EMGs in that thing is like having rims on a cheap honda civic
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I'm sure its a decent guitar but when i saw that thing being released i was like "does the world really need another guitar of the set thru/neck thru/glue with all acess mahogany bodied emg metal axe with a floyd rose?"
Anyways hngd...
Yeah the torerros are awesome, quite pricey for SE's but worth it I'd say congrats.
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