saw this gibson, but something seems off about it
i havent been able to find many pics of others except one where the bunny is much larger on the headstock.

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Hard to tell from the picture, but the logo looks like it says "Gibsun".

The truss rod cover has 2 screws though, so that's a good sign.
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Hard to tell from the picture, but the logo looks like it says "Gibsun".

The truss rod cover has 2 screws though, so that's a good sign.

that's a common mistake people see, legit gibsons have a partially finished o but people mistake it for a u, i believe the only way to tell is the style of lettering and the colour of the lettering
Truss rod cover, headstock binding is too cream, fingerboard wood looks horrible. Even the screws on the pickup rings and the missing washer for the pickup selector. That isn't the OHSC either. It's a fake I believe.
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Fake. It's supposed to have an Ebony fb, gold hardware, bigger 'bunny' logo, different font for 'PLAYBOY', etc, etc, etc:

"2000 Gibson Playboy Les Paul
February 3, 2000

The pursuit of the "good life" as emulated by Playboy has always included rock stars, their music and their fans. However, today, it also includes rock stars' most prized instrument--the electric guitar.

Gibson's Custom, Art and Historic division has teamed up wtih Playboy Enterprises to design and produce a series of official Playboy guitars. The limited edition guitars are expected to be quickly snapped up by collectors and Playboy aficionados alike as the investment value of collectible instruments skyrockets.

The first run of limited edition guitars features Playboy's timeless Rabbit Head logo printed on it in a black and white high-gloss finish. In addition, the neck of the guitar is emblazoned with "PLAYBOY."

Only 10 of this first edition will be produced. The guitars will be presented as gifts to individuals who personify the Playboy lifestyle and a select number will be available through Playboy's auction web site and special Playboy promotions.

Subsequently, Gibson will design and produce additional limited-edition Playboy-themed guitars to be sold via its global dealer base....'"
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faker than a $3 bill
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faker than a $3 bill

$3 bills are fake ??? i just used one at guitar center they were fine with it
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