So, what was the last song that you learnt by ear?

This morning i've figured out the rhythm parts to Overlord and Godspeed Hellbound (minus the acoustic part) off the new Black Label record.
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Parts of orion by metallica, and Handsome man by Robbie Williams.
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Killswitch Engage - I Would Do Anything

Not hard but i done it.
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I think it was Tomorrow Comes Today, by Gorillaz, on bass, not hard, but I can sing and play it simultaneously.
Uh... A bunch of jingles. McDonalds, The Famous Grouse, oh and also one of Nokia's ringtones.
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Gardenia, Phototropic and Spaceship Landing by Kyuss
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A very small bit of Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights. One of those things where a piece of music is so amazing you want to be able to play it just so you can feel like you're taking part in it rather than just listening.
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Nothing outside of just chords.
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Echo by incubus... Pretty lush man...
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Tetris theme tune. Stumbled across it one day and worked out the whole thing. Really fun to play on one string and I use it to warm up
Spin round carousel
When your horse isn't screwed in

i learned all of highway star by ear,after learning it i listened to covers on youtube...rofl! those guys really dont understand blackmores chords.thinking of making a tab for it now.or maybe ill keep it to myself