alright this song otherside from red hot chili peppers and this person says you'll know what i mean but apparently not cuz im clueless.
Could someone explaine to me what he means by

1st part:x3
2nd part:x1
1st part:x3
2nd part:x3


take a look at the tabs please and you will see what parts im talking about.

------------------15---------------- x3 Then...
------------------------------------ When you do this part
------------------------------------ you do it like this:
1st part:x3
2nd part:x1
-----3------------------5----------- 1st part:x3
-----3------------------5----------- 2nd part:x3
-----5------------------7----------- listen to the song
-----5------------------7----------- and youll know what
-----3------------------5----------- im talkin about
probaböy how many times the same part repeats before the next one begins
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Well I guess if you listen out for each part in the song and think about how many times they repeat, etc. you could either write your own repeats or just read through and make sure you understand it. That's the best way to surely know what you're doing.

Alternatively, if there exists a Guitar Pro/Powertab version of the song, you could download that and download the open source programme, TuxGuitar, which opens these files.

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