Because you hav a lot of triplets in Song 1 the rythm is sometimes a bit awkard. In the main riff the last note is tied to the 4th beat and for me that`s a bit irregular. In the 2nd bar the B is exactly on the 3rd beat and the F# on the 4th, and thats more natural to hear I think. But the rythm guitar underneath the main riff is pretty firm and good. And I really like bar 13, the prelude to the verse.
The verse: sounds a bit too Metallica-ish and if it`s Metalcore it should be more brutal shouldn`t it? Maybe some PM sixteenth to interrupt the triplet-feel for some variation?

And if I were you I would change the drum in the bridge, maybe slower or faster. Or first slow and then fast for the variation you know?
The rythm part under the solo is what I mean by some variation, a different feeling, that`s what I like in songs not just 4 minutes the same thing.
I also like the transition between the solo and bridge. The bridge also has a bit weird timing thing going on because of the lead triplet which make three groups of 4 notes and as a standard guitarist most of the time you except everything in 4 (4 bars chord progression, 4/4 etc.) so I think that`s cool.

In Song 2 the main riff is 4x 4 notes. I changed in GP to E* - E - Bb - E - A - E* - A - E (where E* stands for the low E) in this case it`s not just the whole time 4x 4 notes but it get`s interrupted. Just like in bar 34 and 36. But if the 4x 4 feeling is exactly what you want than just ignore it, 4x 4 also has a certain feeling to it so.
I liked the bridge, it has a high headbang-level. (Firm drums, me like!)
The drums in 36 are firm and steady again so they increase the headbang-level for me.

Song 1 acoustic has somehow more power, the solo`s touch me more and the break has also more emotion in it (sounds pretty gay... =z) But if I were you I would change more than the instruments and the tempo, because the verse has no power at all and is pretty flat for me. The bridge can also be improved I tink.

Well, that`s what I think, I hardly listen to Metalcore so you might be facepalming to everything I said, but critism: Use what you can, wipe your ass off with the rest of it

P.S. Sorry for my horrible English now and then, I`m really tired and Dutch...