Thinking of purchasing a new guitar.
I am on a budget of £650.
I play a variety of styles, but most regularly Progressive rock/metal.
Previously looked at PRS custom 24 se [25th anniversary], PRS Mikael Akerfeldt and am also interested in Sterling by Musicman's jp50 sbk.
Will take any advice or recommendations on board.

im buying the PRS SE Akerfeldt too!
i ruled out the SE Custom cause the singlecut bodies have a slightly curved top... looks cooler too! :P
Yeah, I played the Mikael Akerfeldt Model and loved it straight away, but didn't get to play it through a big amp so until I do I'm just going to keep researching into various guitars ... y'know educate myself so I make the right choice :P

PS, Porcupine Tree for theeeee win !!
if your looking for progressive metal then i would look at one of the ltd m or mh series with passive pickups. Theyre usually around $600 us dollars
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