Hi all,

So, I have decided to build a pedalboard - of course, I could just go out and buy one, but I have several features I want that I don't think I'll find on a built one.
Firstly, I want it to fit in a huge square old backpack I have lying round (pics to follow). Secondly, I want to fit my pedals to it exactly. There are a few more features, but these I could use some advice with...

So, I want to be able to connect my amp footswitch (a H&K FS-4 - four button fs), input, effects send and return to a fixed socket on the back. My initial idea was just to connect several jack sockets to the back, but I then started thinking a bit crazier - how efficient would it be if I could wrap all those up in one cable, and then have it breakout at the other end to go into the amp? that would turn setup into plugging the amp into the cab and all the leads into the amp, then plugging the pedalboard in and plugging the main cable into it. Also, one large cable across the stage sounds much better to me than 4 small ones.

How to do that then? Well, my first though was a simple one - take the plug of one end of the appropriate number of jack leads, and connect them all to an appropriate plug. Then wrap spiral wrap around the whole thing, and have the wires breaking out where necessary at the amp end. This left me with a problem though - sprial wrap is fairly rigid, and probably wouldn't bend ideally where needed.

So an improvement, and this is where I need some advice. I was thinking of getting a thick multicore cable, and using that. I have two questions regarding this - firstly, if I were to common all of the earths into the sheild, would that give me problems? Secondly, if each had their own shield, would I still have any problems from running those cables in such close proximity? I'll try and draw some diagrams later to better illustrate what I mean.

A few more questions then...

  • What should I look for when choosing cable (any good manufacturers out there?)
  • Would having the wires in such close proximity cause signal degradation?
  • I would like to put a reasonably dim strip light across the shelf - can anyone recommend any I could run off a pedal power supply?

I will follow up with more details soon, but those questions will help me finalise my design ideas. For information, I'm using a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+, I will list the rest of the pedals later.

Thanks in advance, and I hope this generates a little interest. Once I know a bit more I'll put up a full specification so people can guage if its something they might want to follow!

I dunno if your aware of the pedal snake? Its basically a retail version of what your suggesting. Big fat cable full of little cables you can use for power lines guitar lines, footswitch lines etc.
However it is very pricey!!
Pshhh, someone had my idea already

Two differences - firstly, I wanted 1 plug at the pedalboard end, and secondly, as you say, they are reasonably expensive.
The pedalsnake still needs all of the leads plugging in at each end. I know its not much difference but I'd like to try my idea, it's something a bit different

Thanks a lot for your comment though, hopefully a few more people will take interest (although I guess the original post length put a lot of people off!)
True enough, but I am reasonably sure on what I have (plus I won't have money for any more!! )

I can still modify it as well, its not gonna be fixed per se. It will still be possible to remove/add pedals, as all of the connections between the pedals will be standard, and the connection from the pedalboard will be standard