Wow!! AWESOME sound quality, awesome song! I loved how much of a variety you kept in the drumming and stuff. Hard rocking song man. The only thing i could criticize is that sometimes it's hard to understand what exactly you're saying. And maybe that's the way you want it. Either way, great job man! I can't wait to see what else you'll get up here.

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Excellent song man. Yeah, the quality is just incredible, very pro. Sweet drumming too. The Agile is sounding great, can't wait to hear what you write with the extended range!
One day met a and he was all like because he had
never met a before. I told about the powers that this
possessed and he proceeded to it for its magical meat.
Then died. The End.

I agree with the above comments, great sound! Sounds really balanced, that kick really drives the song nicely. I think the song could use a different section with a different texture. It might not be in the genre to do something like that, but if you ever experiment with this song or more in the future, try throwing in a clean section with your 8 string, it could sound really cool!

Overall really cool song, you definitely know how to master that guitar and the mix does sound balanced and neat, maybe raise the level on the vocals.

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