Alright my beloved Ibanez semi hollow are getting some fret wear on the E string (13th fret) and when that fret is played, it would sound the same as fret 14!

I know a fret redress would be the solution. But taking it to the tech would cost $50 (set up) + $50 (fret dress). Today, i actually put a piece of duct tape on it, and it played just like the fret was new!!!

But I'm totally aware of the fact that duct tape do melt into your frets/finger board. I removed the duct tape after playing. I asked my father if I could use a sodding iron and put a drop in, but he said it would ware out really fast.

Any suggestion?
Your father is right, solder is super soft and would wear out in no time. The only lasting solution is either replacing that fret, or leveling the others to it and recrowning.
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Aww there is seriously no way I can implement a home brew remedy somehow? I might just stick to duct tape and peel it off after i play =(

Thanks by the way

That's amazing that duct tape even works for that. Duct tape really can fix everything.
Just get your guitar's frets done. It'll need it down the road anyway.
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