Sup pit, I haven't done anything constructive for the past 2 months, have become incredibly bored ( though excited for things I've planned to do but am too lazy to do ) and now I'm bothered constantly by this perpetual negative thought that floats in my mind.

Last year is it one thing, this year it's something else. I'm wondering whether I should take this seriously or not, because no matter how much I try to get to the bottom of this it still screws with me mentally. I think my mind just finds things for me to dwell on just to make up for a lack of things to do.

In short, can not being busy and being lazy cause extreme depression? Does your mind come up with shit to make your worry about just to fill a void that would've been filled by actually doing something.

I think I actually know the answer ( clearly YES ), but I'd like your opinions on it.
I think you mixed up cause and effect here.

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