So I just bought a Dell Studio XPS desktop with Windows 7 and downloaded the Audacity Beta software and whenever I try to record something an error message pops up that says

"Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate"

what does this mean and how do i do it?
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you should use reaper, even though it says you have to pay after 30 days you can just keep hitting still evaluating
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I got the same error but i just went back to the previous version.
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What kind of hardware do you have?

Generally these things work better if you pay for them.

That said, I have a MidiMan Delta1010, 24 bit, 96kHz in/out 8 channel analog, 2 channel digital that was $500 new.

Something like that shouldn't be too bad used now. That was $500 in 2000, still using it and still sounds awesome!

Believe it or not, MP3's on the Midiman actually sound better than the CD's they came from.

Superior D/A conversion.

That said: money an issue?

Try a job.
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