Ok I just finished Hal Leonard's Music Theory book. Now i understand theory much better than before but I feel these are just the basics and there are more advanced theory.

Here's what i learned from the book

Ch 1 - The fretboard (notes)
Ch 2 - Theory basics ( the staff, sharps, flats, time sgnatures, rests etc.)
Ch 3 - Scales and Key signatures (major, minor scales, key signatures)
Ch 4 - Intervals
Ch 5 - Triads( Major, minor, Augemented, diminished triads and it's inversions)
Ch 6 - Harmonising the major scale( in triads and seventh chords)
Ch 7 - Chord construction ( construction of many chords like seventh,sixth,6/9, dim., sus, extended, altered, slash etc)
Ch 8 - Harmonising the minor scale (in triads and seventh chords)
Ch 9 - Determining key centers ( finding key of song from chords, modulation, modal interchange)
Ch 10- Blues harmony and pentatonic scales (blues progressions, formulas for minor/major pentatonic and blues scale)
Ch 11- Modes and modal harmony(modes, construction/formula of modes in major scale, modal progressions)
Ch 12- Other scales and modes,chord/scale relationships, arpeggios (harmonic minor, phrygian dominant, melodic minor, diminished, whole tone, chromatic etc)
Ch 13 - Chord substitutions and reharmonization( chord embellishment, diatonic chord substitution, flat-five substitution, seconday dominant substitution, diminished seventh chord substitution)

That might seem like a lot but it's not. The book's only like 90 pages or so.
I fully understand about 80% of those so i will be reading the book all over again. The last few chapters are the ones i haven't fully grasped. I will also start applying all these into my playing. What other topics on theory is there to learn? I can't find a Advanced music theory book in my local music store so i'll just have to learn from the interwebz. Also do u think that is a good amount of theory to know? or are all those just the basics?
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Well the question is do you know how to use this theory you understand to create music or you just understand the theory? Don´t get me wrong but if you really understand these concepts like modal playing and you REALLY understand the concept of using the scales, then there´s a whole new world of things to jam on and create music isn´t it? If you already have the chops then you´re pretty advanced guitarist
Start to use that knowledge and apply it in music. That's a very solid foundation to learn how to analyze music at a pretty deep level.
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