Sup guys! I've been working on this for a while, and today I finally got a good recording of it. Tell me what you think! The audio's really quiet and is only in the left channel because of my microphone, just crank it up a bit. And the song's supposed to fade out at the end, but I couldn't really do that, so I just sorta stopped.

Dude, absolutely brilliant. I didn't notice any mistake and your sweep picking is great. The only thing I heard was a bit of noise at times when you were moving your hand over the frets, but that's not a big thing. Doesn't really matter at all, actually.

Great job!
*sigh* maybe one day I'll be able to play that fast and cleanly. And dang, what a long solo to learn.

Great job, that must have took a lot of practice to get down.
Really great solo cover, some pick noise, but thats unavoidable. Good sweeps, and very clean.


WIP song in GP. Or, if you don't use guitarpro, Ive got some shred clips in my profile that could use feedback.
Thanks for all the feedback everybody! Just went through and listened to all the stuff you guys asked me to in return.