I have been hearing an unusual weak-sounding buzz/squeak when bending my high E-string at the 15th fret and beyond. The sound seems to occur in place of the note I am aiming for.

For example, if I wanted to bend the 15th fret pitch up the 17th fret pitch, where as I should hear an "A" I instead hear the noise, even though I hear G sharp and all of the micro-tones in between G and A as I bend).

Note that this is an example, and is not exclusive the 15th fret, though it does only seem noticeable with whole-step bends.

I originally thought that my string was glancing over a magnetic pole of one of my guitar's pickups, but that is not the case.

Any help/suggestions?
It's because the fretboard is radiused. The tighter the radius the sooner the string will fret out when bending. You'll need to raise the action just a hair....just to the point that those whole-step bends don't fret out.

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