I've got a bit of a wack problem: for my birthday I received a black Fender MIM Strat with the intent of customizing it. My goal was to make it entirely black, pickups included, and I'm almost there, but I've hit a slight roadblock. When I bought some black pickup covers to swap out for the old white ones, the new ones don't fit. Complicating things is the fact that my Strat was made in 1993, so Fender doesn't exactly have bulk-stock of accessories for that long ago. What can I do?
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Take it to the shop and see if they could do it for you.
Are you talking about the plastic covers with the holes in it? If so they are pretty much universal. You can get those anywhere. Are the pickups stock? They could a after market type with a different size pickup which means the covers are different also. That would be my guess. Is there anything written on the bottom of the pickups indicating name, year, or any identifyers?

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If push comes to shove, paint them black. Get some decent black spray paint that'll work with plastic, and it'll be k.
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