I'm looking for some cheapish pickups (budget up to £250 but preferably more like £100-£140) for my double bass, with good sound and loud output mainly for playing with other musicians, maybe a bit of recording. I dunno if it's relevant but I'll be playing folk and jazz, sometimes with a battery amp and sometimes with a BG rig.

Cheers for the help, don't hesitate to ask if I've missed something

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Fischman if you want something great, realist if you want something good and affordable. As far as genre sounds good, the pick up wont effect your tone that much. Basically the pickups are designed to pick up the natural sound of the bass with as little coloring of their own as possible. So if you want a folk sounding bass tone, you need to buy a bass made and set up for folk. Same goes for any other genre. However, you should have no problem getting an array of tunes with a little EQ