Im not sure if it is another guitar track or not, but around the 1:00 mark on Steve Vai's For the love of god, he seems to morph a harmonic note into a normal note without playing that note twice?

I was hoping either for a correction or a tip on how to acheive this sound?
He hits a normal note , bends down the whammy bar ( doing so releasing the grip of the note a little ) then places a harmonic on the note (picked harmonic , just hard to hear cuz of the whammy bar)

Edit : the other guy might be right too. Im not sure.
he hits the pinch harmonic at the 12th fret G string then pulls off to the open G whilst going down with the bar. it`s a sort of signature thing with steve to play with octaves like this, shy boy is full of this during the sweeping section of the solo..different song but similar idea.
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