first slam i've written

small town

small town,
Saturday night at the center of the Green
you are spread in bunches and hold each other close
watching the fireworks parade through the sky,
i am at the street the corner enshrouded in trees
sitting alone on the portico with a burger and a coke
holding a notebook but no pen.
fireworks dont make my heart race.

small town,
Sunday night at the center of the Green,
you are extinct save the fast-walking passerby
just off the bus from New York rolling a pink suitcase close behind,
eyes stuck on the ground as you plan your new life starting tomorrow,
i am at the street corner sitting alone on the portico
the wind blowing your cool rain onto my arms, i stare up
at your ten foot lamplights holding strong in the moonlight.

small town,
i walk your roads into streets,
i lock you away with trees by the portico,
I stare your lamplights into skyscrapers,
small town
i am rain on your parade.
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Quote by For teh Lulz
It dosen't rhyme

what the fuck?

this was impressive teg. the city/smalltown skyscraper/streetlight deal was nice.
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yup it is good just like the guy above me said and it doesnt rhyme as it flows sooo very well
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this has an essence of something that I wish I could put my finger on, but maybe that's what makes it better.
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