was looking over the boss ME-50B , boss GT-6B and Roland Vbass. could anyone give some insight into either of these? or any negative/positive feedback. maybe another brand/model i havent seen.
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ah, the multifx/processor. I can't offer too much insight on ones specifically for bass, but a few of my friends have had them for guitar. They played like multifx, but better(?). The effects built into them seemed a tad bit more natural than on regular multifx, plus the amp modelling wasn't too bad. I can't say too much more about bass ones in specific, but I can offer advice: unlike other multifx, these ones are meant to almost eliminate having other pedals, which some people might be uncomfortable with. They have a plethora of effects, but they most likely don't have anything that sounds just like how the actual pedal would.
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I have the ME-50B. I just wanted a few more options and the ability of just having the all in one feature. Its a solid buy.
IMO there isn't enough different effects for bass to buy an expensive Multi effect unit. I only use 2 or 3 different effects on my Bass Pod XT Live, because most of the effects either don't work properly or just sound stupid. There is the option of having a load of different tones, but once you find one that you ike, you generally don't use the ohters anyway.

I would advise either a cheaper Multi effect unit, or individual pedals but thats just mu opinion.

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I've played bass through podfarm, guitarig 4, some digitech and zoom multi fx and my guitar players me-50. The me-50 sounded damn good though theres some low end loss since it was the standard guitar one, and it has different effects than the me-50b, but Im sure the me-50b would be a good buy. The me-70 came out awhile back for guitar. Its very similar to the me-50 with the addition of some features like a looper, and one more footswitch, so Im sure it only a matter of time before they release a me-70b...but I would go boss for multifx.
GT-6B's are pretty tasty, I use mine for basic effects when i have my own amp and a 'rig in a box' when i'm touring without my amp.
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