Hey everyone, what strings should you best use on a Fender Telecaster? The heavier ones or the lighter ones? I'm getting slinkys anyways
it's really preference. I use .11s for standard on my strat and .10 with a heavy bottom set on my prs. The heavier the gauge the more difficult bends and vibrato will be but the tihicker the tone. And, at least in my opinion, the lighter the strings the thinner the tone but the easier to play. Now this may not hold true, about the tone but it does for me.
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Hmmm.... It really depends on what you find best for playability, but IMO, get the heaviest gauge you can play well on. Teles are very bright and twangy, and some thick strings could add a little bit of warmth to it
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Just standard, 1/2 step down tuning and some Drop D, but thanks anyways everyone^^