Hey I finally uploaded some tunes on my profile, they are just my band's scratch tracks and one was just something I did solo. They're pretty rough, but let me know what you think! We will be re-recording all the tracks as a band with our new gear, plus we will be recording a couple new songs as well. I'll post them once we do. Hope you enjoy!
You're choices were whiskey and weed and Slayer
After listening to the top one I really liked it. It's structure and songwriting doesn't stray too from what these type of song normally sound but the end result was still quite good. Mixed pretty well, but I need to hear it through some better speakers to really appreciate it. This could also be really good if it had the right typre of vocals behind it. Good job

Here's mine


I just finished it and got it recorded. It's definately metal, but i hate genrenizing so you can make that call if you want
Thanks man! Yeah that was the first song I wrote for the band, I have since written another solo that comes after the doubled sweeping part which I am dying to lay down when we re-record it! It's funny you say it's mixed well because we never actually mixed it! My favorite out of the 4 is definitely "Toppled" though. It's pretty challenging to play, but I'm not very happy with the recording so I'm excited to lay that one down again too.

I watched your youtube video too, cool stuff man! I like the riffage, and it'll be awesome once you pop in the solo!
You're choices were whiskey and weed and Slayer