After searching about on the internet I see people giving multi effect pedals the thumbs down because it won't sounds like the real thing and I'm kinda dissapointed in this since I just got a Digitech rp 355 for my birthday.

I know it won't sound just right but I'm horrible with sounds and settings so I won't even come close seeing how I havn't been playing guitar very long but I'm trying to get a decent Lamb of God sound and it's not working amd I looked everywhere on the internet and I havn't seen anyone post anything about lamb of god and the digitech settings if you could help me out that would be awsome! Thanks

Edit: The songs I'm trying to sound like are mainly Hourglass and Ruin
Ruin should be pretty easy to get, as it's a pretty "generic" metal tone. Hourglass/AOTW's sound is nigh impossible, as I've looked through just about every toy in my arsenal for that unbelievably sexy tone and it still eludes me. Keep in mind you won't get absolutely spot-on, as production does a hell of a lot sometimes. I'm not hugely familiar with the RP series (although they do look hot, happy NGD) but I would start with whatever the Mesa Rectifier setting is on it and see if you can't tweak from there.
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