Ok, I've been pickin for right about 7 1/2 years now. I guess I'm average, if you put a song in front of me, I can learn it pretty fast, minus solos and the like. I took guitar lessons from several different people, but no one ever taught me any theory. They just tabbed out songs for me, thats it.

Well, I bought me a new guitar, and I reignited my passion for playing. I've been at a standstill as far as my skill level goes up until I got the guitar about a week ago.

I wanna get better, cause guitar is my passion, but I got a few questions. If you have any online articles, videos, or even stuff you can share, that would be great. Even if it's links to threads already posted, I don't care.

1. Riffs and Scales
Ok, this is probably my most important question, being that I record everything I play just to see if it sounds good. Say I'm playing a minor pentatonic scale using all shapes (As Seen Here (GP5 FILE). How do I know what kinda riffs to use as say rhythm or for backing? I've tried some stuff and it just sounds wrong.

2. Keys (E, A, whatever)
I know nothing about keys, so anyone who can help with this one is money.

NOTE: I'm so sorry if some of this doesn't make sense, I just had my wisdom teeth taken out and I've been on some painkillers all day. Super cloudy headed. If you don't understand what I mean, please say so and I'll try to explain.