Does anyone know a way I can reuse dead guitar cables?

Any nifty tricks other than using them for holding up pants, tying stuff down, the obvious things?

I could throw them away, yes, but where's the fun in that.

What do you guys do with your used-up cables???

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beckyjc is right. That's what i would do. Try instructables.com for some more ideas as well.
You could, you know, fix them?

Quote by beckyjc
Resolder the jacks and use em again.

Or cut em up for patch cables.


I recently had a cord get pinched under the cab casters so I made it into patch cables.
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All the guys above are right. 99% of the time when a guitar cable goes bad it is the soldier joints at the jack ends. Unscrew the jack and soldier it up.
or you could treat your cables right and not go through them quickly. i think the only cable ive ever killed was a cheapie that came with a guitar.

or if you enjoy abusing your cables, they shouldnt be difficult to repair.
Cut em up and give them to inner city youth groups so that they can overcome adversity through the power of jump roping.
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Defintely don't throw them out. It's a 5 minute fix to get them working again.
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