hey guys,
I bought a boss gt-10 a few years ago when it came out, needless to say i only use it now for delay.

What I dig about it is that you could set it up to have 2 different delay settings at once (sort of The Edge sounding), however I don't like that it's digital, and therefore not as organic sounding as an analog delay, so I'm looking into some different pedals.

Are there any analog/close to analog sounding delay pedals that have this 'dual delay' feature, or would I need to buy 2 separate delays?

Thanks in advance!
I understand the Line 6 DL-4 delay modeller actually has decent delay tone, as well as multiple slots for different delay settings.
The TC Electronics Nova Repeater (digital) has an analog mode, and it can do dual delays. Very fun pedal, I'm ordering one myself this week.
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The Eventide is the best delay pedal, it has every singl edelay you could ask for. But it's 400 bucks...