So lately I've been wanting something to get me a stupidly heavy, punchy distortion for the rammstein tribute that I'm in. I considered a MT-2, uber metal, a few off brand ones on ebay, nothing really cropped up at a price I'd bother with.

Then I found this:

Got it this morning, and... Oh. My. God. Wow. I can't put it any other way.

Review: Oh. My. God. Wow. This thing is amazing. Even slightly adjusting any of the EQ knobs DRASTICALLY changes the tone of his pedal, it can go from crazy tight distortion, to a big muff fuzz all with the turn of a few knobs. The volume knob makes a huge difference, I can have my master volume on 3, turn the pedal up to about 8 or 9 on volume, and it'll be as loud as my amp would have been on the distortion channel at about volume 6. It's crazy.

There are so many tones available out of it. The 'boost' feature is GREAT for solos, but it adds alot of treble, so doesn't make it ideal. I think once I've got an extra power adapter, and I can run my delay pedal, that will round off the sharp trebely tone and will give me a lovely solo tone.

The only downside to this pedal, is it's EXTREMELY noisy. Turn the volume and distortion about 5 and you get CRAZY amounts of hum, fizz and background noise. However, plugged into the FX loop of a Boss NS-2 it's completely silent, no noise whatsoever.

To sum it up, instead of going Boss SD-1 into overdrive channel for my heavy tones, I'm now going metal muff into my clean channel, and it's improved my tone no end. Completely silent using the noise supressor. Tight distortion, loud, punchy, it's just amazing. No tone out of this pedal is a bad tone.

I'm now so much closer to the tone in my head, and it only cost me £36 shipped. Brilliant.
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Congrats on the addition! I hear good things about those.

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HNPD! If my amp didn't already have all the gain I needed I'd get one of these.
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I own one as well. and mine is defective. Still sounds good though, but I don't really use it anymore now that I have an amp with good distortion.
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Nice. I hear a lot of good things about these. Not a bad price there either.

If I was in a Rammstein tribute band, I'd have gone with one of these though.
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i nearly got one of these but decided on a boost instead...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HNPD!!!!

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