Like in the title. I try to keep this short.

Ok, so i have no budget, i can trade any of these amps for one of my guitars (worth aprox. 350 euros). I cannot try them both before buying for i have no car.
My main influences are the Who, Neil young, The sex pistols the beatles, pink floyd, white stripes type of blues and the 90's in general. But actually i don't want the other players tone but want to work to my own. The amp will be played in bands and with jams regulary, but mostly in the same room.
My main concern with these is tone, i have already weighed down the reliability aspects and weight aspects and they're about the same to me. Same with the features, altough the marshall has the pro of seperate tone controlls for the overdrive and the pro of the fender is that i'll be able to add my 1x12 Fender stage combo (wich i like very much btw) speaker to it (matching impedance).

OK, so amp 1:
Fender Super 210 60watts 2x10
Pre amp: 2 x 12AX7 Power: 2 x 6L6gc

Amp 2:
Marshall JTM 60 60 watts 3x10
Pre amp: 4 x ECC83 (12AX7A) Power: 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34

So can you give me pros and cons for both? It would be appreciated!
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Will you be gigging, playing in a band, or is this for bedroom use only?
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Will you be gigging, playing in a band, or is this for bedroom use only?

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I'm going to jump on the band wagon, and ask if you've heard of Jet City Amps? The 2112 would be perfect for you.
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Ok thanks guys!
But after seeing this vid i have no choice but go for the jtm..

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I believe the JTM60 is noted for having reliability problems.

For as far as i understand, this is mainly due to overheating of the amps (tubes mounted under the pcb board in a horizontal manner) and can be helped by making slots in the top of the amp or installing a fan/ putting a fan in the back

I'll post some pics with my other gear when it arrives!