I play bass, i love thrash, and I'd really love to be able to sing like a Dave Mustaine/Tom Araya growly snarling style. The problem... I don't really have much natuaral vocal talent.
I was wondering if anyone could help, how can i improve my singing? That kinda thing, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
practice? It's best to try and find the voice that comes most naturally when you sing, not try to copy one distinct way of singing.
It's all about dedication and practice. Sing along to the songs you like, trying to imitate them. Eventually, you can with some confidence morph it into your own style.

Thrash vocals are essentially a controlled yell, if that makes any sense.
Sing always bearing your teeth like you are a snarling dog. This will not get you where you wanna be but will get you closer. Helps get you the attitude of mustaine.
thanks man, ill give it a go, despite what people say, i think Dave is a ****in' awesome singer, id love to have a voice LIKE his, but i want originality too
thanks for the advice
Yeah definatley, Megadeth wouldnt be the same without him!
My favourite singer of the Big 4 is Joey Belladonna though but i'd rather have a snarly growling voice than melodic singing myself lol
Mark Osegueda from Death Angel is probably my favourite thrash singer