so here's my deal::
i started playin bass bout 6 months ago but ive played guitar for a LONG time but i know nothing about bass. so i bought a 4x10 (peavey 410tx) and i got a cheap head for now (crate b-150). i know the cab is well capable of handling anything this head can put out..its only 150 watts or so. but ive noticed a weird noise when im playing..even at low volumes. it is kind of a distorted sort of sound.i took off the speaker grate and checked the speakers out..none of them looked/felt blown. i also have 2 basses. one is a bc rich mockingbird (passive) and i have an ibanez iceman (active p/u's). i notcied the noise is more apparent when i use the iceman even plugged into the low input of the amp.
my question is that being as the cab can handle the head easily would u think its a problem with the head rather than the cab? or could i have a blown tweeter in the cab maybe? i have no idea what that would sound like.. the only reason im not sure is ive had several guiatr amps with blown speakers and i KNEW they were blown without a doubt.any inout would be helpful.thanks!!