Hey guys, I've already completed an HND in Music Business and I'm heading back to uni in September to study BA Commercial Music. I've never really bought any books or anything to help me with the course and I'm having a hard time finding a reading list to help me with research.

Therefore: Could any of you guys recommend me any books or DVDs I should check out?
Preferably stuff with music business/industry related information or "revolutionary" events in the industry... If that makes sense haha

Thanks in advance
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This is the reading list for the Commercial Band Management module of the course I'm on (I'm not taking the module though, as I wanted other ones out of the multiple choice we had). The list may be fairly UK-centric.

Harrison, A. - Music: The Business
Davis and Laing - The Guerilla Guide to the Music Industry
Passman - Everything You Need to Know About the Music Business
Music Managers Forum - Music Management Bible
Evans, B. and Randle - Making Money Making Music: The Musician's Guide to Cover Gigs
Buttwinick, M. - How to Make a Living as a Musician (So you never have to have a day job again!)
Shih, P. - Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians
Dearing, J.W. - Making Money Making Music (No Matter Where You Live)
Duncan, B. - The Live Sound Manual
Greene, D. - Performance Success: Performing your best under pressure
Palm, C.M. - Bright Lights Dark Shadows

Other suggestions include researching any musicians' union in your country/state, finding other industry organisations etc.
I'm in the UK man, so its cool!

Thanks a lot, I've heard of the Ann Harrison book but cheers for the other suggestions. I'll need to check some of them out
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