So I've been looking for a Randall Combo to replace my crappy Marshall MG15FX and i stumbled into this website musicfactorydirect.com which claims it sells products for a lower price and free shipping on most products and i have to say it is pretty cheap. But the electric guitars they sell are just knockoffs to the real kind.
Heres the link to the Randall
i just have a couple of questions
Is this website legit?
Are there better choices for this price range?
How long will it take to ship to Northern New Jersey?
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According to the verify thing at the bottom its legit.

They dont seem to be selling that amp much cheaper than anywhere else tbh.

I like solid state randalls, the next guy might not.

Peavey Vypyr is worth a look.
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Most places usually ship within the week.
I dont see why it wouldnt be. and shipping will depend on where there warehouse is located. oh and Jersey power!!!!
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i would not recommend randalls i bought a rx50d combo played it 2 weeks it broke down i didnt even go above vol 3
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