I recently saved up enough money to buy a mexican made fender stratocaster. I play music from bands like Guns n Roses and Pink Floyd. I also like to play electric blues. Should i get the fender strat with a humbucker
or the fender strat with the all singles



you'll be able to do alot more with it than single's if you decided to change the type of music you play
also it does sound pretty sweet for rock and blues that was my first guitar and i still use it alot to play jazz
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yes - strat bridge pickups r crap anyway
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id say get the one with the humbucker. i dont know if that humbucker has 4 conductor wiring, but if it does, you can very easily wire it for coil splitting. so you can still get a single coil sound at the bridge if you wish. wont sound EXACTLY like a SSS strat but it will be close and having that humbucker will allow you to play heavier rock if you wish.

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Humbucker. Humbuckers are a lot more versatile. If you got the right amp, you can play almost anything with a humbucker. (Not saying it'll sound good, but you could.) Besides, if you're gonna play GnR, that humbucker'll make it sound a LOT better. Get the humbucker, TS.
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