ok i just bought a second hand RWG in a shop in norfolk (these guitars arent available in the UK)

i brought it home to discover that it has coil taps on the bridge and neck pickups, or at least it should. it only works for the neck pickup.

i noticed that my bridge pickup is a different colour to the standard one.

basically i need to know if the coil tap function requires a special pickup, or wether this problem lies in faulty wiring.

thanks people
I dont know what kind of guitar that is, but if the bridge and neck pickups are humbuckers, its going to be a coil split. To do a coil split, a humbucker needs to have 4 wires as apposed to just 2. Thats the only thing it needs and you wont be able to tell by looking at it. Id say its a mess up on the wiring because if theres a coil tap anywhere, its usually the bridge pickup ..so check the wiring
ok thanks so far (i dont udnerstand it but it does help) ill give a few more details, its like those ibanez's that steve vai uses with the humbucker, single coil, humbucker arangement.
does it look like ill have to change the pickup?
If the pickup sounds ok and it just doesnt coil split, its probably fine, you just have to fix the wiring. The coil on the bridge pickup isnt shorting properly (or at all) when you hit the switch. Should be an easy fix just take some pictures of the wiring (more specifically, where the switch for the coil split is)
yes the pickup sounds fine! it just doesnt coil split so ill have someone look at that if i cant make sense of it (engineering BTEC might come in handy after all). btw i use the me50 to, marvelous arent they?